Frequently Asked Questions

# Question Answer
1 What is FSBO? FSBO is an acronym which represents "For Sale By Owner." It is commonly pronounced "Fizbo."
2 How popular is FSBO? Nationally, FSBO transactions account for 13--19% of all home sales, and the trend is growing!
3 What if I need help listing my ad? Because FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM is a local company, we can be contacted easily to assist you.
4 Is FSBO for me? Many people can benefit from the experience of selling their own home. However, it is not for everyone. Some people still prefer to pay a realtor a large percentage of their hard-earned equity to assist them.
5 How much does this service cost? See our list of Products and Services for advertising package details.
6 Are there any commissions or hidden fees? No.
7 Why does FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM ask which direction my house faces? By knowing which direction your house faces, we are able to choose the best time of day to take photos of your property (sunlight/shadows).
8 Who calls the Digger's Hotline (1-800-382-5544)? It is the property owner's responsibility to call before FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM can install the premium yard sign.
9 How long after I call the Digger's Hotline will the yard sign be installed?< The premium yard sign will be installed by FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM as soon as the property has been properly marked--usually 3 business days after the request is made.
10 Is there a fee to have my property marked by the Digger's Hotline? The Digger's Hotline is a free service provided by the Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service (IUPPS).
11 Why didn't my ad immediately appear in the listings after I entered by property and house data? For an ad to appear in the listings, you must agree to Terms of Service, submit ad via online form or mail-in-form, and submit payment to FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM. At this time, your ad will be activated.
12 How was FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM started? FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM was started in the fall of 2001 by two local engineers who saw a need for this valuable service in the Fort Wayne area.
13 May I list my home on this site in addition to listing with a realtor? No. If you prefer to list your home on this site, please cancel the current contract with your realtor.
14 Can I take my own photos? Yes. You may upload as many as 4 photos with your ad. By uploading your own photos, you can show your home's character best.
15 Where can I obtain detailed instructions for placing an ad or modifying my account? Detailed instructions are available from links on the homepage and seller tools page, or by clicking here.
16 Who owns the sign which is placed in my yard? The premium yard sign is the property of FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM
17 May I modify the yard sign? No. The yard sign must be returned in good condition without alteration to FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM
18 When do I have to return the yard sign? The yard sign will be collected by FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM upon either ad expiration or ad cancellation.
19 If I make a data entry error while completing my ad, what should I do? You will be asked to confirm your account and property data before submitting your ad. If you do not notice the mistake until after the ad is activated, you can modify your ad later.
20 Is FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM a realty company? No. FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM is not a realtor, and does not act as a realtor in any way. We provide advertising services to sellers and a large database of homes as a free service to buyers.
21 Does it cost anything to search for a home? No. All "Buyer Tools" are free. In addition, FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM provides many other links and valuable information for free.
22 What does it mean when my ad expires? An expired ad has run for its full 6 months. You may elect to renew your ad at that time.
23 Will this web site do everything for me? No. There is no substitute for your own determination and skill. It is very important to learn as much as you can about FSBO transactions.
24 What happens to my ad when my house is sold? Please visit our site or contact our office to deactivate your ad.
25 What if I forget my username and/or password? You may retrieve your username and/or password by following the instructions at the bottom of the "Login/New Account" page.
26 How do people know about FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM? Our yard signs draw a lot of attention. The helpful sales staff meets hundreds of people each year. We have a booth at the Home and Garden Show. FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM can be found on all major search engines. Our referral program pays $25 for new customers. We advertise using direct mail, radio, and newspaper.
27 What do I do about the closing? The following resources can help you with the process, paperwork, and strategies: 1] Internet resources (Free) 2] Books (Free at library, ~$20 at bookstores) 3] Your favorite trusted Mortgage Company (Free consultation) 4] Realtor/broker assisted closing (~$500) 5] Real estate attorney (~$1,000)
28 What are some of the common mistakes people make when doing FSBO? Overpriced, under-advertised.
29 How long does it take to sell a home on FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM? Every situation is unique. Typically, homes sell in 3 or 4 months. It sometimes takes longer, but the payback in commissions avoided is huge.
30 How can I improve my chances of selling quickly for my asking price? Our successful customers share the following traits: They truly want to sell their home. They have it priced fairly. They are accessible via email, cell phones, and voicemail.
31 What is the success rate of FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM? Approximately 70% of our customers sell their home. About 15% of our customers decide to take their home off the market. The remaining 15% leave town and/or have their circumstances change and list with a realtor.
32 How many hits does FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM get? The popularity of FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM is growing rapidly. We quit counting several years ago!
33 How do I navigate between data entry fields? You may navigate between data entry fields by either clicking with your mouse or by using your keyboard's TAB key.
34 Do I have to log out after each visit to FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM? It is not necessary to log out. In fact, by remaining logged in between visits, you may access your account and/or property information more quickly.
35 Do I have to worry about my credit card number being stolen? FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM ensures your financial safety by accepting cash, checks, money orders. Credit card transactions are secure through "Square" and will show on your statement as a transaction from 2 Bottom Plow Farms.
36 Why do the photos I uploaded look “stretched?” The recommended aspect ratio for photo upload is 360 x 240. Please adjust your camera settings, or resize the photos using photo editing software.
37 Why do the photos I uploaded take a long time to view? The photo file size is very large. The recommended aspect ratio for photo upload is 360 x 240. Please adjust your camera settings, or resize the photos using photo editing software.

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