Satisfied Customers

"Working with FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM was a satisfying experience. I found their representatives to be both punctual and professional. They provided me with a very high quality sign and worked with me to get all possible data on my web page at their site. There were more than 200 hits on the site in the 6 weeks we were working together. I recommend them as one of your tools if you are planning to market your property personally." -- Steve Stroup, Sr.

"FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM saved me $3600 in fees that alone is a good reason to utilize their services.  I have been in the business of selling homes for a number of years, and this is one of the best things I have come across.  The increase in traffic allowed me to sell my house faster, and this also saved me a great deal of money in holding cost." -- John Stapleton

"Thanks so much for your service. I would recommend FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM to anyone interested in selling their own home." -- Carol Forker

"We were very happy with the service and website in our use of FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM!  We began to get calls as soon as the sign was put in our yard. The sign is very attractive and professional, better than the ones used by the large real estate services. (In fact, one of the top realtors mailed us a card saying "I see we are BOTH in the real estate business.") We feel this is the best way to reach the most people over the greatest area. The interior pictures are MORE than you get when you list with the "professionals." We would certainly use this particular company to sell a home again." -- Bill Guthrie

"I am writing this letter to let you know that my house at 1022 Stophlet St. has recently sold and to thank you for your great service. The sign you placed in my yard looked a lot better than my original sign and the exposure I received from the sign and your web site was directly responsible for helping to sell my house. I am very satisfied with your service and will be sure to tell all my friends." -- Ryan Stark

"I really appreciated the promptness of service, the quality of the pictures on the web, the large eyecatching sign ( that worked well for me), and the way the information was posted ( for the tube and for regular use). I had the buyer within three days and made me feel like a top notch real estate agent! " -- Vish Gurudutt

"I have to say that I was very satisfied with FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM. It was a key to the success of the sale of my home. What impressed me was the easy access to the website and changes that I could make to my ad, such as posting an open house. Thanks for everything!" -- Eric Manojlovic

"We were very satisfied with the service that FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM provided to help us sell our home. The pictures and web page of our home were done very well, and the sign in our front yard caught people's attention as they drove by. I would use their services again." -- Stan & Valli Yoder

"We again greatly appreciate all that you have done and the great service and support during this sale.." --Mitchell Gearhart

"I am grateful for the opportunity to have placed my home for sale on this website. It sold in due time. The representative was courteous, responsible, and enthusiastic about his business." -- Beth Sturges

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