# Advantage
1 Avoid expensive realtor fees, usually 6% of selling price
2 Receive a premium yard sign
3 Receive instant exposure to sellers via the FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM web site
4 Show more data than can be printed in a newspaper ad or in weekly/monthly publications
5 Internet usage is on the rise, while newspaper subscription is on the decline
6 FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM is owned and operated locally
7 There are no publishing deadlines to miss
8 Your property ad is able to be updated as frequently as you desire—FREE!!!
9 All data is presented "real-time" on the FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM website
10 Link to your own personal web page if you choose, to show an additional tour of your home or to let potential buyers know more about you
11 Access a map to listed properties with a single click of the mouse
12 Print and make copies of your listing in color--makes a great flyer for your property
13 FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM will take photos of your property for you
14 Let FSBOFORTWAYNE.COM advertise region-wide for you
15 Hit counters allow you to measure interest in your ad
16 One click access generates map to property

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