Considering Selling FSBO?

Considering Selling FSBO?
By Sharon Foster

Selling your home privately is the way to go these days. With markets that are flooded with homes, and real estate commissions through the roof, taking matters into your own hands is becoming more mainstream. There are a few things to consider though, when considering selling FSBO. Setting your price.

You've probably already been doing your homework on this one. You need to know what the market will bear. What have comparable homes in your area been selling for (these are referred to as "comps"). What upgrades have you put into the home? Does your home have any features that make it more appealing than others - ie. bigger lot, better location, etc. You could also hire in an independent home appraiser to come up with a professional, unbiased listing price for you. The most important advice to be had here is "don't be greedy". Do your homework and set yourself a fair price that will allow you to sell your home easily. Homes priced to high often sit on the market longer, and then look "stale".


Have someone else walk through your home as if they were the buyer. What are the things that you've been living with that you no longer notice? Clutter is the biggest culprit and makes your home look smaller and more unkept than if you had a clean sweep of your home first. Consider smells as well. A little cinnamon on a baking sheet in a warm oven creates a homey atmosphere. It won't mask a dirty house though.

Your sign

Go big or go home. If you're going to do it, do it right. Have it done professionally. This will give buyers the confidence that you know what you're doing. First impressions are paramount, so don't put up the cardboard sign with the markered phone number. A seller assistance company might also be the way to go here. They can provide you with all your signs PLUS advice, support, paperwork, advertising and more - often for less than what you'd pay to have the signs alone made.


This is often the biggest hurdle for private home sellers. You put your ad in a local paper and when nothing happens, then what do you do? Do you keep continually advertising with no end in sight? Check around - where would you start your search for a home? Over 76% of folks start with the internet. If that's where they're looking, then that's where you should be advertising. Again, a seller assistance company might be the answer, as most will provide you with a flat fee cost, meaning you pay once and advertise until it's sold. That at least gives you a budgetable cost to sell. You know what you're getting into before you get started. Also seller assistance companies are able to pool resources, create interest in a number of homes and generate more eyeballs on your home than if you put your home up individually to advertise.

Get started. If selling with a seller assistance company is what you're looking for, then do your homework. There are a lot out there, but check their listings, see who's sold with them previously and look for testimonials. There will be some work involved, but the payoff of selling FSBO could easily be in the tens of thousands for you. It's worth a little elbow grease.

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